How do I share an audio file on my iPhone?

How do I share a recorded audio?

Use a voice recording app

On your home screen, navigate to the built-in Voice Recorder app. Hit Record, speak your message and send the audio clip to a friend.

Can you share an audio message on iPhone?

To send an audio message, follow these steps… Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the conversation you wish to send a message to. To the right of where you would usually type a reply, instead tap and hold the voice icon.

How do I share voice memos?

How to download Voice Memos from your iPhone

  1. Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone. Open the Voice Memos app. …
  2. Select the memo you would like to share by tapping the title.
  3. When you tap it, the memo will expand. …
  4. Tap “Share…” at the top of the pop-up menu. …
  5. After you do this, a different pop-up menu will appear.

How do I send a large voice memo from my iPhone?

Go to the “Music” tab, you can view all the voice memos on iPhone. Choose the desired ones you want to send. Check the boxes next to the large voice memos to email within the program. Click the “Export to” option and choose the “Export to PC”, you can set a specific folder to save the voice memos.

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Where do saved audio files go on iPhone?

Open your iPhone app for Settings. Press the Messages option. Now, locate the section for Audio Messages. Typically, this can be found near the bottom area of the interface.

How do I send a voice recording via email?

How to send voice messages via Gmail on Android?

  1. Open the built-in Recorder app and start the recording.
  2. After it’s done, tap on Menu (three dots) and select Share, then select the Mail app and write your email.
  3. Finally, tap Send and your voice memo will be attached to it.

How do you send an audio message on iMessage?

To send a voice message with iMessage:

  1. Launch the iMessage app.
  2. To create a new message, either click on the pen icon from the top-right corner or open an existing iMessage chat.
  3. Select and hold the microphone or vertical lines icon located on the right of the text box, then start recording your message.

How do I export voice memos?

Your voice memos will load in the main window. Select any voice memo or double-click one to preview it. Then, use the Transfer button below the list to export to iTunes or to a local folder. You can hold the Command key (Mac) or Control key (PC) to select multiple items.