Is Shopify in an ETF?

Is Shopify public traded?

When was Shopify’s Initial Public Offering? Our initial public offering occurred on May 20, 2015. Our stock began trading on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges on May 21, 2015.

What funds hold Shopify?

Top 10 Mutual Funds Holding Shopify Inc

Mutual fund Stake Total change
Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund 1.02% -13.18%
Government Pension Fund – Global … 0.89% +23.06%
Fidelity Growth Company Fund 0.75% -4.49%
Vanguard Developed Markets Index … 0.70% +1.62%

Is Spotify in any ETFs?

Spotify Technology is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. engages in global audio streaming subscription service.

SPOT Description — Spotify Technology SA.

Company Name: Spotify Technology SA
% of Market Cap. Held by ETFs: 2.71%

How do you find ETFs holding a particular stock?

Luckily, digging into an ETF is pretty easy, thanks to free tools at Just to go to the Money section of at, enter the symbol or the name of the ETF in the Get A Quote box and click the Go button. You’ll be taken to an area of the site dedicated to analyzing ETFs.

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Why is Shopify going down?

After a tremendous run in 2020, COVID-19 stocks, including Shopify, experienced a deceleration in top-line growth in recent quarters. The ongoing pandemic forced retailers to set up an online presence increasing the need for Shopify’s suite of products and services.

Why is Shopify dropping so much?

It blamed a deceleration in e-commerce spending compared to the height of the coronavirus pandemic, along with other factors, like the end of government stimulus and potential impacts on consumer spending due to rising inflation.

Which ETF includes Shopify?

Let’s take a look at three ETFs that have Shopify as part of their portfolio.

  • TD Global Technology Leaders Index ETF.
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Info Tech.
  • iShares S&P/TSX 60 ETF.

Which ETF has the most Shopify?

ETFs with the most SHOP Exposure

Ticker Fund Name % Allocation
ARKF ARK Fintech Innovation ETF 6.95%
VFIN Simplify Volt Fintech Disruption ETF 6.04%
FDNI First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF 5.58%
BUYZ Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETF 5.13%

Who owns Shopify?

Tobi Lütke, billionaire founder of Shopify. Tobi Lutke, the Canadian CEO and founder of e-commerce platform Shopify, has a net worth that’s doubled to $3.2 billion in just six months, thanks to his company’s skyrocketing stock.

What ETF holds Spotify?

List of ETFs That Hold SPOT:

Ticker Fund Name SPOT Allocation
HFGO Hartford Large Cap Growth ETF 2.36%
BNGE First Trust S-Network Streaming & Gaming ETF 2.30%
FDNI First Trust Dow Jones International Internet ETF 1.90%
ZGEN The Generation Z ETF 1.67%

Do ETFs have splits?

ETFs are commonly split if share prices rise too high for investors to afford or to keep the fund competitive. An ETF split works the same as a stock split; one share is split via a ratio, and the shareholder retains the overall value.

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Are there futures on ETFs?

ETF futures and options are derivative products built on existing exchange traded funds. Futures represent an agreement to buy or sell shares of an underlying ETF at an agreed-upon price on or before a specified date in the future.

What holdings are in VOO?

Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO)

Holdings CUSIP % of funds
Alphabet Inc. Class C(GOOG) 02079K107 2.02%
DXC Technology Co.(DXC) 23355L106 0.02%
HP Inc.(HPQ) 40434L105 0.11%
PayPal Holdings Inc.(PYPL) 70450Y103 0.35%

What stocks make up SPY ETF?

SPY Top Holdings

SPY ETF’s Top 10 Holdings (as of February 2022)
Holding (Company) % SPY Portfolio Weight
Apple Inc. (AAPL) 7.10%
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) 5.88% Inc. (AMZN) 3.64%

What companies are in an ETF?

ETF Stock Finder

Ticker Company
AMZN, Inc.
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation
AAPL Apple Inc.
MSFT Microsoft Corporation